Stacie Miller

Stacie Miller

Communications Director

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Stacie.

Stacie, affectionately known in the office as "Smiller" or "Smill," is Pathway's Communication Director and resident word nerd. From copywriting to creative writing to social-media-word-smithing, her passion is to use the power of language to inspire people for Christ. She has an insatiable sweet tooth, loves treadmill running, and possesses no memory whatsoever for numbers (other than her 14-digit library card number). When she's not writing for PCC, she's wrangling her daughter and twin sons, or reading a book next to her husband while he watches football.

Ministry Stacie Leads

Describe yourself by mashing up three fictional characters:

Anne Shirley, Remus Lupin, Rory Gilmore

Something you’re good at:

Spontaneous dance parties. Turning anything someone says into a song lyric. Dishwasher Tetris. Doing all the character voices when reading a book aloud.

Something you’re not good at:

Math. Direction. Sports requiring hand-eye coordination. I’m pretty much a walking gender-stereotype.

What are you reading lately?

I’ve been rereading (listening to) The Hiding Place. I probably hadn’t read it since middle school, and I have a new appreciation for it now. Corrie ten Boom and her father and sister are absolutely inspirational. If I were to create a “must-read” list, this memoir would be on it.

Something unusual you keep in your purse or wallet?

Before smartphones and apps like Goodreads, I used to carry a sheet of paper with a typed list of all the books I wanted to read. It made pit stops at the library much more efficient.

Any pet peeves?

Gunky microwaves. Warm toilet seats. When someone says, “Long story short…” after they’ve told a very long story. (Listed together, those three things sound especially horrific.)