Moriah Nichols

Moriah Nichols

Video Production Associate Director

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Moriah.

As Pathway’s Video Production Associate Director, Moriah gets to live out her passion—telling stories through a camera lens. She believes in the power of narratives, that they matter to the church because they “inspire others to see the world and people as God's uniquely-crafted stories, his own treasured creation.” Moriah also is a journalist, and has learned some interesting things about Fort Wayne—ask her sometime! When she’s not busy with all-things-media at PCC, she enjoys playing her ukulele (named Eunice), soccer, traveling, and beating people in Mario Kart. She chose to live in Fort Wayne, while her parents and two sisters live in San Diego, California. Everyone calls her crazy for it, but her two brothers also stayed in Indiana, so at least she’s not alone!

Ministries Moriah Leads

What are you listening to lately?

My music taste is all over the place, but recently I’ve listened to a lot of WYLD, Lord’s Child, Jeremy Zucker, and Chris Renzema

What are some of the books you’ve read recently?

JUDE Bible Study by Jackie Hill-Perry and Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper

 TV shows or movies you’re watching?

I’m always into anything related to Star Wars, so Mandalorian was a big one for me recently.

Podcasts you love?

WHOA That’s Good with Sadie Robertson and Knowing Faith with Jen Wilkin, JT English, and Kyle Worley

Your favorite apps?

YouTube and Venmo

Where’s your happy place?

Anywhere in nature.

Favorite coffeehouse beverage:

It’s called a cafe miel, which is basically a latte with honey and cinnamon.

Game show or reality TV show you’d want to be on?

Family Feud!! I’m very passionate about this—it is one of my life goals along with becoming fluent in Spanish and accomplishing my dreams and all that fun stuff.

When people look at you, they would never guess ___.

That I’m Indian. People usually guess everything except that.