Tina Dancer

TIna Dancer

Office Coordinator

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Tina.

If you call the Pathway office on a weekday morning, chances are good you’ll get to speak with our bright and spunky Tina Dancer. She’s quick-witted, eager to help, and she leaves funny or encouraging notes on the coffee pot that make her co-workers smile. She and her husband, Gary, have four adult children and five grandchildren. Tina and Gary enjoy riding motorcycles, so they are often out and about on little jaunts and weeklong trips. When she’s not at Pathway or with her family, Tina is a busy volunteer; she serves at the Lighthouse Family Thrift Store, Fort Wayne’s Habitat for Humanity, and The Civic Theatre (building and painting the sets).

What do you do for fun?

I love reading mysteries. have two new authors that I enjoy: Louise Penny and Fredrik Backman. They both have a series of books with unusual characters in Canadian setting.

I like to refinish and repurpose furniture and odds and ends.

I enjoy the company of my youngest granddaughter, Ellie. I have her every other weekend and I am considered the “fun grandma”, so her expectations are high.

Worst vacation memory:

When I was six, we took a trip to the beach in Virginia. When we stopped at the first hotel, we discovered I had no suitcase. I remember feeling unloved and forgotten. I did end up with a lot of new clothes for the trip. Funny, I do not remember the beach.

Best thing you cook:

According to my Gary, it is steak on the grill and barbecue ribs.

Favorite Road Trip Snack:

I love strawberry Twizzlers. They remind me of trips I took to the beach with my mother. We would grab a couple of bags of Twizzlers for the road. They would be gone before the first day was done.

Oldest piece of clothing you own and still wear:

A t-shirt my daughter made for me with spin art. I will wear it sometimes to surprise her.