Caleb Sperry

Caleb Sperry

Sports Ministries Coordinator

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Caleb.

An avid lover of sports, athletics, and adventure, Caleb is a great fit as Pathway’s Sports Ministries Coordinator. He enjoys using his passion for sports to bring people together, create new friendships, and provide opportunities for people to know Christ or deepen their relationships with him.When he’s not organizing sporting activities for PCC, Caleb personal trains part-time at the YMCA.

Ministry Caleb Leads

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Hiking, snowboarding, horse riding

Tell us an interesting fact about you.

For two years I worked on ranches in New Mexico and Colorado herding cattle and teaching people how to ride horses. Horse riding is still one of my favorite hobbies.

What are some of the books you’ve read recently? 

The Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Willink

Podcasts you love?

How I Built This, The Model Health Show

What’s something new you’ve learned or experienced this year?

I’m learning how to play the guitar.

Highlight of the past year:

Coming on staff at Pathway. I love my job, and I love building the Sports Ministry program here at Pathway.

Something funny/quirky about you:

I’ve never played Fortnight.

Something unusual in your wallet/desk/car?

Duct Tape

A silly thing that creeps you out:

Other people touching my toes

Where’s your happy place?

Riding a horse

The best thing you cook/bake:

Instant-Pot chicken

Any pet peeves? 

When someone says “I wish I could do that but I can’t because I don’t have time.”

Describe yourself by mashing up three fictional characters:

Indiana Jones, Mike Baxter, Detective Del Spooner