Colin Villanueva

Colin Villanueva

Ministry Resident

Hi, I'm Colin.

Colin Villanueva grew up attending Pathway with his family, and this year he joined Team PCC as Pathway’s Adult and Student Ministries Resident. He has a deep passion to invest in people for the kingdom of God. He wants his life to point people to Jesus and to disciple others to do the same. Currently, Colin is a grad student at Bethel University, pursuing a degree in ministry. He recently married his beautiful, intelligent, servant-hearted, and God-fearing wife, Dedra. Outside of ministry, Colin enjoys martial arts, board games, and anything that lets him flex his creative juices.

Tell us something you’re not good at.

Cooking and baking. I praise God every day for my wife’s gifting in this area. Otherwise I’d probably be living off of oven pizzas, PB&J’s and ramen noodles forever.

What’s your favorite road trip snack?

Pizza flavored Combos and a nice cold Mr. Pibb or a Powerade! If I’m traveling in the morning, I love eating gas station donuts.

What were you like as a kid?

As a kid, I constantly tried to be cool, but it always backfired on me. For instance, I once tried to catch a football by staring into the reflection of my iPod screen. The football nailed me in the back of my head, and the video footage somehow ended up on an America’s Funniest Home Videos compilation on YouTube.

Game show or reality TV show you’d want to be on?

I love watching the show Survivor, and I think it would be super amazing to be a contestant! I always think about how I would try to win the game because I enjoy the challenges and the strategic relationship building, but I don’t think I could survive the hunger, weather, bugs, and lack of sleep.