Melanie Perlich

Melanie Perlich

Executive Director of Operations

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Melanie.

Melanie has been part of the Pathway staff since 2006 and currently serves as our Executive Director of Operations.  In this role, Melanie oversees Finance, HR, Facilities, IT, Safety and Security, and Communications. (She basically keeps this place running!) Melanie considers herself an expert in 80's music, cherishes a rare moment to curl up with a novel, and has a slight addiction to Ricker's Pepsi. Outside of the office, Melanie and her husband Jamie are kept busy by their four children—daughters and Cassidy and Sophie, and Haitian-born sons Aaron and Joshua.

What are you listening to right now?

My current stations on Pandora: 80’s Rock Radio, 80’s Life Radio, 80’s Dance Parties Radio, 80’s Cardio Radio, 80’s Love Songs Radio…

Something you’re good at:

Turning everything into a song lyric. Especially an 80’s song lyric.

Something you’re not good at:

Small talk. Crafting. Gift-giving. (But I’m very good at gift-receiving!)

A silly thing that creeps you out:

I’m really weird about my shins. Do NOT touch my shins!

Favorite coffeehouse beverage:

I have to look it up every time because I get one maybe once a year. (It’s a white chocolate mocha, for the record. And now I know where to find that information next year.)

Game show or reality TV show you’d want to be on?

If I didn’t mind a million people looking at me (which I DO), I’d say Don’t Forget the Lyrics.