Angie Ashby

Angie Ashby

KidCity Volunteer Coordinator

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Angie.

Angie joined Team PCC in 2022, and she currently serves as Pathway's KidCare Coordinator. She loves kids and families, and she has a heart to serve them well. In her own words, “I LOVE seeing kiddos learn about Jesus' love for them. There's nothing sweeter than that.” She also looks forward to opportunities to share her story and her experiences and to give families hope. Angie’s other passions are music and dance. She loves to teach dance and to serve as a judge at competitions. Some of her other favorite things include camping at her family’s seasonal spot (“maybe more like glamping”), riding bikes, laying out and soaking up the sun, going to the movies, and taking vacations. Most recently, Angie worked as the Assistant Director of Transportation for NACS, and she is a realtor as well. Angie is married to Dustin and is mama to four kids (Peyton, McKenna, Mox, and Izzy), two dogs, and one fat cat.

Ministry Angie Leads

Tell us an interesting fact about you:

I was a professional dancer and played Cinderella at Disney World.

Favorite road trip snack:

Red Vines or Gummy Bears

Favorite thing to cook:

I don’t cook.

Favorite Coffeehouse beverage:

Skinny Vanilla Latte (Starbucks of course)

Something you’re not very good at:

Singing, but I LOVE to do it… and LOUDLY

Podcasts you’re listening to:

Kim Kimberly’s Awesome Marriage. He’s so real and down to earth, and he puts it out there for us married people to keep it real.