Rose DeArmond

Rose DeArmond


(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Rose.

Rose DeArmond joined Team PCC in September of 2020 as our afternoon receptionist. Her heart is to show kindness and care to those she encounters, inspiring people to follow Christ. Rose was the first American-born citizen in her family; her parents and rest of the family were from Croatia. She was born and raised in Connecticut, lived in Ohio for 23 years, and moved to Fort Wayne in 2015.  The first thing she and her husband did was look for a great church—and they found it at Pathway! Rose enjoys spending quality time with her husband on nature hikes or around a campfire; she loves to visit with her adult children and grandkids, and she likes to read, relax, and make wreaths and natural soap. Rose is a grandma, mom, stepmom, and pet-mom to a cat named Toby and Mini-Schnauzer named Lucy.

What’s something new you’ve learned or experienced this year? 

I am teaching myself how to play piano!

Highlight of the past year: 

Spending time with my four grandkids, ages 1-5, and attending my nephew’s wedding in North Carolina—I got to see family from Connecticut.

Any pet peeves? 

Being startled by someone sneaking up on me! (usually my husband)

What’s something funny you did when you were a kid?

I imitated characters from The Carol Burnett Show.

TV show you’d love to be on?

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?