Savannah Dize

Savannah Dize

Student Ministries Director

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Sav.

Savannah, or “Sav”, is PCC’s Student Ministries Director. A grad of Bethel College, she brings enthusiasm to all she does—youth ministry, relationships, basketball… pretty much everything! She loves her job because she gets to be a small part of Jesus’ bigger ministry, and a front row seat to see students encounter a Father who loves them right where they are. More than anything, Sav loves to see students “get it”—to make their faith their own, and to begin to want others to experience what they have. Other loves in her life include: spending time with people (especially her three sibs and the rest of her family), Crocs, Silly Bandz, her newest fandom (the New York Jets), and her husband/fellow-adventurer Ethan.

Ministry Savannah Leads

Something funny/quirky about you:

I love Crocs, Heelys, and Silly Bandz—things were very popular at one point of time and then went out of style. It’s kinda been my passion to bring them back.

Where’s your happy place?

Disney World. You can’t beat it.

Pet peeves:

When people don’t scoot up in line or when people say “liberry” instead of library.

When people look at you, they would never guess…

I have been attacked by a baboon.

Game show or reality TV show you would want to be on?

Survivor or The Amazing Race