Brian Beall

Brian Beall

Next Steps Pastor

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Brian.

Around Pathway, Brian wears a number of pastoral hats. He serves as our Next Steps Pastor and as our Bethel University extension program site director; he also oversees our single adults' ministry and our church online ministry at Whether you’ve been attending Pathway for years or you’re just checking us out, you have a next step in your journey with Jesus, and Brian wants to help you take it. He is a grad of Bethel College with a degree in Biblical Literature, and he has a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Seminary. In addition to his pastoral role, Brian proudly leads the PCC staff to build community around unique and delicious food experiences. He and his wife, Sheri, have two biological sons, Noah and Gideon, and two daughters adopted from China, AnnaLynn and EllaJane. Currently, they are in the process of adopting a 12 year-old boy from China.

Ministries Brian Leads

Something you’re not good at:

I have horrible rhythm. I can sing or I can clap, but never both at once, especially in public.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A fireman or a high school chemistry teacher

Your favorite road trip snack:

Beef jerky

Favorite coffeehouse beverage:

Iced coffee with caramel—365 days a year!

When people look at you, they would never guess:

I will be unable to recall what they were wearing or how their hair looked if anyone asks me.

Funniest vacation memory:

I once found my brother’s retainer after he lost it. Two days later. In Lake Michigan.