Lara Welch

Lara Welch

Director of Care Ministry

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Lara.

As PCC's Director of Care Ministry, Lara helps oversee the care of the body of Pathway, and provides snacks for the whole office. She has a unique compassion for people and passion to teach others how to be God's hands and feet. A former collegiate French horn player and a lover of music and dancing, Lara is especially gifted in 80's music trivia. Nowadays, she spends her time away from PCC trying to keep up with her energetic daughter and son. In her spare moments, her favorite thing to do is grab a coke, popcorn, and a movie with her hubby.

Ministries Lara Leads

Where is your happy place?

Disney World and the beach

What’s a silly thing that creeps you out?

Spiders, especially wolf spiders!

Favorite road trip snack?

Nutter Butters and Chex Mix

What’s something funny you did when you were a kid?

I climbed a tree with my arm in a sling and a cast on my leg. I got in huge trouble!

Game show or reality TV show you’d want to be on?

Survivor or Big Brother!