Now What: Week 1

Now What: Part 2
April 6 & 7 2019
Brent Allen

Icebreaker Question:  If you are on social media, who is your favorite person to follow? Or, who is someone that you read or listen to frequently? Why?

  • What challenged you, confused you, or changed you during the weekend’s message?
  • Read Luke 9:23. Brent said that when Jesus told His disciples to “follow Him”, it is like the military term for “getting in line”. We must submit to His leadership. As a Puritan prayer says, “I am never so much mine as when I am His.” Describe an example where you were certain that God told you to do something, you obeyed, & what happened because you obeyed. How about a time where you did not obey?
  • Read Luke 14:33-35. We must generously manage all God has entrusted to us. Nothing is ours, but simply gifts from God for us to steward wisely. We are blessed to be a blessing to others, & when we stop blessing others, God may remove our blessings. What are your easiest & hardest possessions to share & bless others with? Why?
  • Read John 13:34-35. We first show His love to other believers because love is a revelation, a reflection, a relationship, & a responsibility. Love for others is the true mark of a Christian. Who are the easiest & hardest people for you to love? Why?

Life at Home Question: Read John 3:16. God is a give-first God. He gave His one & only Son to die on the cross for you & for me, & if you believe in Him, you shall not perish but have eternal life. Do you believe in Jesus & what He did for you? If not, what holds you back?

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to do everything we can to point others to Jesus – our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, the next generation, everyone. Who can you point to Jesus this week? What specifically can you do? How can we pray for you?