21 Days of Prayer and Fasting: Day 14

Day 14: Making an Impact Through Endurance

Sunday, February 21



In the Steven Spielberg film, Bridge of Spies, Tom Hanks plays the role of a defense lawyer named James Donovan who works on the behalf of alleged Russian spy, Rudolf Abel. Based on a real-life story, Donavan received a lot of hatred because of his choice to defend Abel. In one particular scene, Abel retells the personal story of a man he knew in Russia, whom others called the “Standing Man.” This man received this name because though he was continually beaten up and knocked down by opposing forces, he continued to get back up. After awhile, they stopped beating him because it was pointless—he always got back up. Thus, he became known as the Standing Man.

When we face difficult circumstances brought on by Satan, modern culture, and our own sin natures, God gives us the power to endure and be spiritual Standing Men and Women. Endurance is all about continuing to get back up and press on when the enemy knocks us down.

As a result, we will make an impact on our modern culture made up of people who often tend to quit when the going gets tough. When we endure, we are telling a lost world that Jesus is worth enduring all sorts of difficulty for.


Spend time in prayer, following the Upward, Inward, Outward, Upward format.

Upward: Who God is; What God has done, is doing, will do
Inward: Who you are; How you live
Outward: Intercession for others; unified prayer focus with Pathway

TODAY’S PRAYER: God, give us the strength to stand up again when we are knocked down. Help us to endure no matter the difficulty. Let other people see our endurance and that you are worth any sacrifice we make. Draw people to yourself because of the endurance we display in your strength.

Upward: Thanksgiving and Worship

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