21 Days of Prayer for the World: Day 16

Tuesday, November 7

Day 16: Christ is Our Firm Foundation

“Christ is my firm foundation

The rock on which I stand

When everything around me is shaken

I’ve never been more glad

That I put my faith in Jesus

‘Cause He’s never let me down

He’s faithful through generations

So why would He fail now?

He won’t!”

(Lyrics, “Firm Foundation” by Cody Carnes)

The lyrics of the song “Firm Foundation” have circled around in my head quite a bit over the last few weeks. “When everything around me is shaken” certainly describes how our world seems right now. But thankfully those words aren’t the end of the sentence in the song. It continues on, “when everything around me is shaken… I’ve never been more glad that I put my faith in Jesus ‘cause He’s never let me down.” What a perfect and true hope!

In Christ, the foundation of our lives isn’t built on the condition of the world… or the condition of our government, our employment, our families or friends, our home or church or anything else. These can all be shaken and broken. The only rock-solid, firm foundation is Jesus Christ. He is the one who is faithful and true (Revelation 19:11) so we know He won’t and can’t fail us. As a matter of fact, Isaiah 33:6 NIRV says,

“He will be the firm foundation for their entire lives. He will give them all of the wisdom, knowledge and saving power they will ever need. Respect for the LORD is the key to that treasure.”

And… as the song says…

“I’ve still got joy in chaos

I’ve got peace that makes no sense

I won’t be going under

I’m not held by my own strength

‘Cause I’ve built my life on Jesus”

Only Jesus… what a perfect and true hope!



With the world around us seemingly shaken and in chaos, we acknowledge that You are our rock-solid, firm foundation. Help us to build our family-lives, work-lives, relational-lives and every other piece of our lives fully on You. I thank You that in the midst of life’s storms and uncertainties, we find our strength and security in You. May we always remember that in Christ, we have a sure foundation and a never-ending source of hope. May we share this with others so they will stand firm as well. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Becky Johnson

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