21 Days of Prayer for the World: Day 9

Tuesday, October 31

Day 9: Praying in Affliction


“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

– Romans 12:12

This past June, forty-five of us from Pathway were privileged to go to Israel. We flew into Tel Aviv and headed straight to Joppa, went all around the country to end the last few days in Jerusalem. Sitting in a boat on the Sea of Galilea where Jesus walked on water allowed us to soak in the reality of what Jesus came to do and to remember the miracles He performed there. As we sat on the southern steps of the Temple, we tearfully reflected on how Jesus walked and taught on those same steps. And how Peter preached a sermon on those exact steps that brought 3000 people to know Jesus. It was the trip of a lifetime!

In the last few weeks, as much as I’ve thought about the sites and biblical history, my mind has often gone to our guide, Ziv, and our bus driver, Avi. Ziv—who with his Israeli accent taught us about his country, his culture and his city—helped us understand the sites so we could understand more of Jesus. Avi, our bus driver, navigated the traffic and greeted us every morning with a huge smile and an even bigger shout of “Alleluia!” For the 45 of us who took that trip in June, the news taking place in Israel now has two names, two faces, and two voices attached to it… Ziv and Avi. I’ve thought of how their daily lives have changed; I’ve prayed for them and their families, and I’ve prayed for peace.

In Romans 12:12, Paul gave seemingly simple instructions that may not actually be so simple. Being joyful in hope and faithful in prayer may be easy for most of us. However, being patient in affliction may be difficult to live out, especially when those being afflicted are those with whom we have personal relationship. Whether the people we know are in Israel, Gaza, or right next door, God has purposely placed us in relationships so we can offer hope in Jesus, share His love and compassion, and faithfully pray. Only through Jesus can we offer these things; He is faithful and trustworthy. He is the only one to bring true peace in the midst of affliction and hardship. Trusting God is a daily choice, a conscious decision to believe that He is in control even when circumstances seem bleak.

Today, as we pray for those we know and love, let’s pray they can be joyful in the hope of Jesus, patient as they journey through hardship and affliction, and that they will pray to the One who can hear and answer every heartfelt request.



Today we lift to you those who are suffering to We know that you see them, care for them, and love them beyond what we can understand. We ask that you give them all they need to be joyful in the hope you have for them. Give them all they need to be patient as they navigate the struggles that affliction brings. And Lord, may they pray… faithfully and with boldness… knowing you hear every word spoken. May they know who you are in fresh ways. May they feel you near them, knowing you are faithful and trustworthy. Amen.

By Becky Johnson

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A Pathway missionary family who has been serving in Israel recently arrived safely in the US. They will be joining us at Pathway this Saturday, November 4. Immediately following the Saturday evening service (around 6:10pm), we will be hosting a focused time of prayer upstairs in the Venue. All are invited to come and unite with us in prayer for the people being impacted by the war in Israel and Gaza.