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21 Days of Prayer: Daily Email Signup Link

Welcome to 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting! We are so grateful you are choosing to go on this journey with us.

In our first sermon series of 2024, Trust God in Uncertainty, we will focus on the life, experiences, and prayers of King David. David was “a man after God’s own heart”—a man who lived through intense ups and downs—but ultimately he showed us how to live with deep trust in God.

We believe this series is foundational for 2024—so much so, we are offering additional content that will extend these conversations beyond the weekends and into our weekdays. Pathway will provide daily scriptures, devotions, and guidance through intentional time of prayer and fasting. You’re invited to go on this 21-day journey with us from Monday, January 15 – Sunday, February 4. While the official start of the 21 days is January 15, we will start sharing content the preceding week to help us prepare for our time of prayer and fasting.

If you have previously subscribed to Pathway’s 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting, you are signed up for this year’s daily emails automatically. If you try to sign up and receive an error message that you are already subscribed, you are signed up and will receive your first email the week leading into January 15. (If you don’t have an email in your inbox on January 15, please check your spam folder.)

If you sign up after January 15 and you’d like to read posts you may have missed, they are available at pccfw.org/blog.


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