21 Days of Prayer and Fasting: Day 16

Tuesday, January 30

Day 16: God’s Presence Transforms our Hearts



In his book, It’s Not My Fault, Jory John tells the fictional tale of a young boy who blames everything bad that happens to him on someone else. Instead of taking responsibility for his mistakes, he blames his pen, pillow, backpack, comb, and other personal items. While this approach works for a while, his personal items begin to talk and revolt against him. They complain and teach him a lesson on personal responsibility. It’s a funny tale on a serious topic, and the author does an effective job in getting his point across.

We can also be like this young boy. We like to deflect blame or avoid any sense of personal wrongdoing when we give in to temptation. Yet, God’s Word reveals to us that our surrender to temptation is not the fault of another person, God, or even Satan. It is our sinful desires that lead us to surrender. In short, the battle against sin is not an external one. It is internal. That is why we still find a way to sin even in the safest and best of circumstances. That is why we need a heart change, not just a circumstantial change. Thankfully, God is more than able to transform our evil hearts into hearts that desire Him more than our sin.


Spend time in prayer, following the Upward, Inward, Outward, Upward format.

Upward: Who God is; What God has done, is doing, will do

Inward: Who you are; How you live

Outward: Intercession for others

Today’s Prayer:

Father, I admit my sin nature makes me want to sin. It also blinds me to the consequences of that sin. Please cleanse my heart so that I desire you more than my sin. Show me any circumstances I need to avoid so that my sin nature is not easily stirred. Give me wisdom and strength.

Upward: Thanksgiving and Worship

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