Worship Culture

Cultivating a community of whole-hearted worshipers

The mission of Pathway Worship is to be a team united in intimate, humble, and passionate worship of God, and to lead others into all-out, uncompromising worship of our Heavenly Father. Our teams lead worship in many environments throughout Pathway—from KidCity, to Student Ministries, our Worship Center, The Venue, and more.

Meet our Worship and Production Leaders

Jadon Knapp

Associate Worship Director

Jake Husted

Associate Production Pastor

Jenny Crump

Weekend Experience and Events Coordinator

Moriah Nichols

Video Production Associate Director

Olga Petrosyan

Executive Director of Weekend Experience

Wade Leatherman

Associate Production Manager

Join Our Team

Check out some ways you can serve in worship & production

Worship Serving Opportunities

Worship Team Member

We are one team of musicians and vocalists who serve all Pathway environments—from Kids 4 Worship to our weekend services.

Production Serving Opportunities

Camera Operator

Members of this team operate a production video cameras during the weekend worship service, creating a better experience for both those who worship with us online or in person.

Graphics Operator

Media presentation of our services has become more important than ever! Graphic Operators support the weekend services by providing the visuals on screen for the congregation, pastor, and worship team.

Lighting Operator

Support the weekend worship and teaching experience by operating the lighting console to play back lighting cues for weekend services.