Thrive Thought: How to Avoid Financial Crisis (Part 2)

How to Avoid Financial Crisis: Part 2

Our money is God’s. His mandate is that we manage it faithfully. If we can accept this truth and be open to Jesus’ teachings on how to handle His money, we can avoid the depth of financial misery that 65-70% of Americans suffer currently.

Ever wonder why over 2,000 Bible verses and about half of Jesus’ parables relate to money? 

We would do well to pray for an increased understanding of why God cares about money and how we manage it. We can trust God cares about how we manage money because He loves us. We can trust he wants us to stick to timeless biblical principles for management because they work. We can trust his protective warning that the love of money can lead us away from eternal life, into sin.

Learning about money management is an important preparation for a godly life. A godly life sees money as a means for taking care of God’s creation, meeting family needs, helping others, and advancing God’s Kingdom. The pursuit of wealth is encouraged, but we cannot serve two masters. (1 Timothy 6:9).

To avoid financial problems, prayerfully apply the following godly principles:

We can trust God’s wisdom, because his way will protect us from the pitfalls of money crisis.

Dr. Christie Dike, retired, is an active member of Thrive Financial Ministry. She is blessed with a surviving son, Roy Dike, and spent her professional life teaching in higher education.


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