A look at where we've been in 2023, the stories that shaped us, and a celebration of God's continued faithfulness through it all


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Pathway’s impact on the weekends

The return of fully-programmed Saturdays

Salvations and Baptisms

How you’ve made a difference through serving

Ministry to Kids & Students

Your gifts to PCC made 2023 an exciting year!

Making a difference here, near, & far

Life Groups and Marriage & Parenting

Hope and Healing through Care Ministry

Our Reach

We live in a fast-growing community, and we’ve been positioned to serve and reach an influx of people in our area. We continue to be awed at God’s plan for this local church, which was always bigger than what we asked for or imagined.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

– Ephesians 3:20-21, NIV

New Here

4532 People

In 2023, 4532 new people visited Pathway for the first time, were part of an online service, or participated in a Pathway event.

Weekend Impact

2834 People

An average of 2834 people—including adults, students, and children—participated in a Pathway weekend worship service in 2023 (with an additional 800 online).

Church Online

800 Weekly Average

An average of 800 people used their devices to worship with us each week at PCCFW.tv.

Saturday Relaunch

Prior to 2020, Pathway offered a Saturday evening service that included full programming for kids and students (infants through grade 8). In 2023, we set a huge goal to bring back these environments. On November 4, 2023, we were able to relaunch KidCity, Project 5, and IMPULSE on Saturdays.

THANK YOU to everyone who shifted your worship time or stepped into a serving role. You have made ministry possible on Saturdays at Pathway!

Saturday Growth

100% increase

Average Saturday attendance increased more than 100% after the relaunch of full programming (from 240 people to 482 people).

Saturday Serve

55 People

55 people stepped into Saturday serving roles in First Impressions (coffee, ushers, greeters), KidCity, Project 5, and IMPULSE.

“New Here”: The Greenwoods’s Story

The Greenwood family first came to Pathway in August of 2022. They moved to Fort Wayne from Chicago and were planning to visit a number of churches in the area. When their new neighbor mentioned Pathway and our primary marriage environment, Dave and Angela thought it sounded like a great way to be proactive in caring for their marriage in what was likely to be a stressful season of life. They walked through Pathway’s doors to attend ReEngage 24 hours after moving to their new city, attended a worship service the following Sunday, and never looked back. “We knew we needed to get plugged in right away, not just for our sakes, but for our kids’.”

They admit the first Sunday felt a bit overwhelming—so many people and such a large church were different than where they had come from. They wondered, “Can we really get to know people here?” Turns out, they would.

Dave and Angela found community right away within their group at ReEngage. Dave jumped into ManDay Monday and the Saturday morning men’s Bible study. Angela joined the Thursday morning women’s Bible study as well as Mom2Mom. Their youngest child and freshman in high school, Naomi, found her own community within her small group at IMPACT. While Naomi had originally planned to be baptized alongside friends in Chicago, she started to feel called to take that step on her own; she was baptized at Pathway last March. And the entire family has stepped into serving—Dave with ManDay, Angela with New Mercies, and Naomi with KidCity.

“At first, there were things that were really attractive—things that met the needs of our family and kept us coming. But eventually, it turned into ‘Am I just going to be a consumer of this, or am I going to be part of the ministry?’”

Dave and Angela are grateful for Church Online on those weekends when they are out of town for Naomi’s softball games. “It’s nice to take part when we can’t physically be present—even though we miss the people.” They found next steps to be easy. “We take it seriously, but Pathway led us through the steps and made the process simple. We’re members! We can see how this is helpful to people who are new to Pathway or new to Christianity.” Most of all, “We found the values and mission at Pathway to be very similar to the church we came from. Solid teaching really matters—no wishy-washy gospel. The Word is taught here.”

– Dave and Angela Greenwood

Next Steps Toward Full Life in Christ

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

– John 10:10, NIV


320 People

320 people put their faith in Jesus Christ, inviting him to be their Lord and Savior.

“If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

– Romans 10:9, NIV

Kenzie's Story


147 People

147 people chose to publicly declare their faith through baptism.

Abby's Story

Brennan's Story


“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

– Mark 10:45, NIV

Serving at Pathway

60% of Pathway Adults and Students

Serving others is a part of what it means to live like Jesus and experience full life in him. It’s an expression of who we are in Christ and what he has done for us.

We are loved by Jesus who died for us.

We are changed by the Spirit who lives in us.

We are called by God who works through us.

Serve Story: First Impressions

Serve Story: Project 5

Project 5 is Pathway’s ministry environment for fifth graders. Every weekend, a crew of Pathway high school students serve as Project 5 group leaders, and we will say—this has been an awesome experience for our kids and our students!

“I love to watch Jesus change people’s lives! (Serving in Project 5) allows me to share the love Christ gives me with others. I love being able to connect with them and help them grow in their faith. Also, they’re really fun to be around!”

– Reece Green, Project 5 Leader

“I choose to serve because the Lord has called me to. I love to see way the kids light up with the spirit of the Lord and the way that they work to encourage each other in their faith… I can see how important it is to the kids to have someone to talk to about God, and just someone who they feel safe and comfortable to come to when they need to talk about anything… I honestly love everything about it. I love all the kids and their hearts for others, I love the dancing, the games and the silliness, and the way that we get to watch God use these girls within their homes and schools.”

– Lyla Ward, Project 5 Leader

To explore serving opportunities at Pathway, visit us HERE.

Next Gen

We are passionate about empowering our kids and students to pursue full life in Christ and lead others to do the same. Their stories inspire us on a weekly basis, and we can’t wait to see how they will continue to influence the Kingdom!

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

– 1 Timothy 4:12, NIV


516 Kids

On weekends in KidCity in 2023, an average of 516 kids (infants through grade 4) experienced Jesus’ love for them.

Student Ministry

449 students

A weekly average of 449 students (grades 5-12) participated in Project 5, IMPULSE, or IMPACT.

Madi & Whitley's Story

Bethel University

13 students

Pathway launched BUx (a Bethel University extension site) in 2021, branded as BU@PCC, with one faithful student. As of the start of this spring 2024 semester, we now have 13 students pursuing a variety of degrees within the fields of business, worship, and ministry. One of our students is currently studying “abroad” this semester, actively serving on the mission field with Native Americans in Arizona. Pathway will have its first two BU@PCC graduates at the end of this spring semester!

“Originally I was planning to work full time out of high school, but in December I was called to ministry, specifically worship ministry. I was late getting into the college search, and when I thought I had a school picked out, plans suddenly changed and I was in a scramble to look for an alternative. I had heard of BUx at Pathway, but didn’t think it was viable for me because of my aversion to online learning. As I got more information about the program—the opportunities provided like practicum, things connected with Bethel, and being plugged into an awesome church (PATHWAY)—I was way more receptive to it. I’m in my first year and so far I’ve been loving it. I’m able to interact with people in ministry daily, I’m in a community of Christ-minded individuals, and I’m learning things that are easily applicable to where I would like to be in the future. It’s a fantastic opportunity that honestly I wish more people knew about, especially for those going into ministry.

– Hunter Ngo, Freshman

Financial Stewardship

“For God is the one who provides… In the same way, he will provide and increase your resources and then produce a great harvest of generosity in you.”

– 2 Corinthians 9:10, NLT

In 2023, we paid off the construction loan on our church building. Additionally, we have a solid plan to pay off our mortgage in 2024. This frees up funds for more ministry and more opportunity to be a generous church!

Thanks to your giving and generosity, we ended 2023 with surplus. Pathway was able to give financial support to several like-minded national and international organizations. We are grateful for the ability to give outside of our walls and be part of what God is doing in the world.

Missions: Here, Near, & Far

At the end of 2023, we were able to give a collective $70,000 to Pathway missionary partners. This was a huge gift for these individuals and families—some who had to move because of the war in Ukraine, some who faced expenses due to their children’s physical needs, and some who were challenged in other ways. Pathway is making a difference in the world through these missionaries, and because of your financial gifts, we were able to give them an extra blessing this year.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

– Matthew 28:19-20a


In 2022, our church family came together to fund a Compassion center, school, and church in Tanzania, and sponsor over 600 Compassion children. In 2023, your financial gifts made it possible for us to fund a well (borehole, pump, water tower with storage tanks) in this community. Prior to the borehole, children in this community often had stomach issues and diarrhea caused by using unsafe water. The church didn’t have enough water to use for drinking, cleaning and hand washing. Now with ample water, these children have improved hygiene and health!

Food Pantry

Pathway’s Food Pantry served 600+ households from almost every zip code in Allen County (and zip codes in surrounding areas). This ministry is one way our church has been able to offer support to refugee families from Ukraine as they get settled in a new country.

The Giving Tree

619 tags taken off the Christmas tree

$18,500 in gift cards donated

Nearly 800 presents given to:

  • 34 families
  • 10 kinship placement kids through DCS
  • 39 residents of Redemption House
  • 17 residents of Hope Alive


During our annual Missions Weekend in September, we shared about 35 girls at the Home of Love in Chennai, India who were in need of sponsorship. Before the weekend was over, 35 Pathway individuals/families sponsored these girls. Now, they will be safe, educated, cared for, and will grow into women who can impact their culture for Christ.


Pathway missionary Gerald Steele serves with the Makua Project in Mozambique. At the end of 2023, Pathway was able to provide this ministry with $5000 to purchase Bibles for people in this community. These Bibles are life-changing for people who’ve never had access to Scripture and are hungry for God’s Word.

New York City

Our partner in NYC, Immerge Network (Jeff Getz), pours into immigrant leaders ages 16 to 30 as they pour into their callings, communities, and peers. In September they started a weekly backyard bible study for teens—no building, no youth pastor, and a handful of teenagers. Within months, what started as a group of eight people exploded into a weekly gathering of 80 people.


From Far to Near

In 2022, Pathway purchased three vans that helped move 20,000 people to safety in Poland. In 2023, we’ve been able be serve Ukrainian refugees right here in Fort Wayne and at Pathway! Many of you gave financially to provide assistance for Ukrainian refugees. This was our single biggest non-tithing fund this year, with your gifts totaling over $50,000.

  • Four Pathway families hosted / are hosting Ukrainian families.
  • Four Pathway attendees donated cars to Ukrainian families.

Additionally, Pathway has:

  • purchased two cars
  • paid for dental work
  • provided help getting drivers’ licenses
  • paid for car insurance, tires, and car service
  • paid for English lessons
  • provided groceries for 12-15 families each month
  • purchased home furnishings
  • provided Ukrainian Bibles
  • given gift cards for the Lucky Duck sale and purchase of children’s clothing
  • given Christmas gifts

The Grime’s Story

Mark and Laura Grime first heard of Valentina and Viktoriia through a family member in Bluffton who was hosting a Ukrainian family. Valentina had left Ukraine with her high-school-aged granddaughter, Viktoriia, in the wake of the Russian aggression against their country. Mark and Laura had a finished basement and adult children no longer living at home. After some prayer and some conversation with Lonnie and Connie Norris (Pathway’s connection with the local Ukrainian community), they brought the two women into their home in August of 2023.

Seeing all God has done over the last six months, Mark says: “God’s not only meeting their physical needs, but he’s putting people in their lives from a spiritual perspective.” A simple physical need was transportation. Valentina and Viktoriia were able to obtain driver’s licenses (Mark changed insurance companies so he could help Viktoriia with her practice hours), and a young Pathway couple donated a car to them. Pathway helped pay for auto insurance and license plates. Viktoriia—an excellent student—graduated from Belmont High School, was accepted to Ivy Tech, and she has been able to transport herself to classes.

God also met their spiritual needs. Viktoriia starting attending PCC College, and she developed a special bond with her group leader, Kelsey. Viktoriia has been able to invite others to join her in this community of young adults at Pathway.

Mark says the goal is to help them transition to independence, and Valentina hopes to return home to Ukraine once Viktoriia is fully on her feet. When asked what prompted Mark and Laura to say yes to this opportunity, he says it was a simple lesson in “being open, and not worrying about things so much… It’s in the Lord’s hands, and if it’s meant to be, it will happen.” As for his biggest takeaway from this experience, Mark says it’s been “watching God at work, and how he’s met their (Valentina and Viktoriia’s) needs over and over and over.”

– Mark and Laura Grime

Spiritual Formation

“Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is.”

– 1 John 3:2, ESV

Life Groups

924 people

In 2023, 924 adults made up 107 life groups. This means roughly 60% of Pathway adults were part of a life group last year.

Life Group Story

“Our life group formed from our Rooted group in the beginning of 2022.  We have five couples—23 people, including all our kids (and counting)—and we truly enjoy doing life together. We have become a family we can rely on, and we’ve been very consistent prayer warriors for anything and everything happening in each other’s lives. When our son was hospitalized in October 2022, our life group was willing to help out with our other children when my husband and I were at the hospital, to provide meals, but mostly to carry us through with encouragement and prayers! We celebrate holidays as a life group family, we encourage each other in decision making, bounce ideas and questions off one another, study the Bible, walk with each other during trials, and the list could go on and on.”

– Wendy Yoder


210 people

ReEngage is Pathway’s primary marriage environment. Whether a couple’s relationship is great or is struggling, this 14-week environment is a catalyst toward a stronger, healthier, Christ-centered marriage.

ReEngage: The Hill’s Story

“We had no idea what we were getting into when we decided to sign up for ReEngage. In complete honesty, I don’t think either of us expected to love it, but we really did love this opportunity to invest in the longevity of our marriage. We were able to spend every Monday for the last 16 weeks delving into the scripture and learning more of what Jesus has to say about maintaining a healthy marriage. We graduated with a group of people who I think we will be lucky enough to consider lifelong friends and I can’t wait to see where God leads us all next. Thank you, Pathway Community Church, for such an amazing opportunity. Thank you to our small group leaders for nudging us along when the conversations got tough. And thanks to our small group for becoming fellow followers that we can count on to motivate us to continue investing in Jesus and in ourselves moving forward. Blessed is an understatement!”

– Morgan and Evan Hill

True Vine

True Vine is Pathway’s Orphan Care and Adoption Ministry. True Vine’s mission is to empower, equip, and support foster and adoptive families and vulnerable children in our community.


CarePortal is a platform that connects child welfare agencies with local churches and community members to address the needs of children and families in crisis.

 In 2023, we were able to meet 42 requests and serve 113 children—with $34,511 of impact.

Care Communities

A Care Community is a team of 4-8 committed volunteers who support and serve a foster family and their foster children by providing regular and ongoing practical help.

 In 2023, Care Communities from Pathway served seven foster families in our area.

Garage Sale

Pathway’s annual True Vine Garage sale raised $49,000—funds that support local adoptions, foster care, and family preservation.


True Vine gave financial support to two families who brought home children through international adoption last year.

Adoption: The Fennell’s Story

 “We started the adoption process in January 2020, and we hope to finalize/legalize Lexie’s adoption this year. Adding a new family member through adoption is certainly hard. We are thankful that grants (like the True Vine one) made the financial part easier. I’m also thankful that we had four+ years of friendships that have helped in these early months of transition.”

– Ryan and Laura Fennell

Hope for Healing with Dr. Curt Thompson

This past December we were privileged to host Dr. Curt Thompson—board-certified psychiatrist, author, speaker, and the founder of Being Known, an organization focused on the integration of neuroscience and Christian spiritual formation. In addition to speaking at all of our services December 2+3, Dr. Thompson presented a three-hour seminar geared toward those in counseling and care professions, and a free one-hour event to the public. Over the course of the weekend 3,753 people heard his message of hope and healing. It was awesome to see the impact his message made on people in our body, and it was exciting to be able to share this gift with leaders in our community. We want to continue to be a church that equips and encourages these leaders as they endeavor to make a positive impact on our community.

From Our Attendees:

“You are a blessing. Great appreciation for bringing in such a high caliber speaker— Curt Thompson!!!!!”

“I cannot wait to see the future impact this has on people in our city. I expect to hear stories in a couple of years about how much this impacted someone’s life.”

“Thank you for organizing and hosting the trauma event this past Saturday with Dr. Curt Thompson! His presentation was chock full of helpful information, and I thought the event was well attended. I know it takes a lot of work to organize these type of events, so kudos to you!”

“It was a wonderful time this morning visiting your church and learning from Curt Thompson.”

Care & Support

God’s design for His people—the church—is that we stand together with one another to provide hope and healing in all seasons of life. This is the heart of Care Ministries at PCC.

Support Groups

222 people

222 people participated in a support group environment in 2023. Support groups at Pathway include:

Celebrate Recovery

Mom of an Addict



Infertility & Loss Support

In 2024, we are excited to announce two new classes that offer support: Trauma REBOOT (Women’s Class) and Military REBOOT.

A Story of Hope and Healing: Derrick

“In 2022 I suffered a great loss and found myself without hope and uncertain of my future. I clung to the fact that I knew God keeps his promises; the only comfort I could consistently lean on was the ability to go to the Lord in prayer. I never stopped believing the fog would lift someday and God would be faithful to show me my ‘next’.

I was urged by a friend to attend a GriefShare class at PCC in the fall of 2022, and there I was able to begin to heal. I was in a community of other believers who were on the same journey I was on. I also started serving again in areas of ministry where I had previously served, such as PCC Helping Hands. I believe that in serving others, it takes the focus off ourselves and strengthens our ability to see God’s work—not only in our lives but in the lives of those we serve. I eventually regained the ability to dream for the future. I knew I would not face this new path alone, that in God’s sovereign plan for my life he would lead, I would follow, and the Holy Spirit would guide.”

– Derrick Smith

Care Team Members

229 people

Care Ministry walks with individuals and families through bereavement, hospitalization, financial crises, and other challenging seasons. Caring for a big church is a big job, and we are grateful for the 229 people who serve in Care Ministries as leaders in our support groups, prayer team, visitation team, funeral team, and more.

A Heart for Prayer: Anthonia

“To me, Prayer is a way of communicating with God—involving worship, adoration, confession, repentance, gratitude, requests, intercession, and meditation—to build a relationship. I value spending time with God, and acknowledging the potency of fervent prayer, as emphasized in James 5:16b.”

How/Why did you become part of the Prayer Team?

“In 2014, I joined Pathway and participated in Women’s Bible studies and a small group. I prayed privately for others, including group prayer requests. Despite my hesitations, I felt a strong calling to join the prayer team during a church service. After confirmation from group members, I joined the Post-Service Prayer Team. I desired regular prayer meetings for our group, and I eventually began to lead in that area. Since May 2023, we’ve had monthly prayer meetings with answered prayers. I am grateful to our dedicated prayer warriors (Matthew 18:18-20).”

What makes you passionate about prayer?

“I’m passionate about prayer because it is a transformative practice connecting me with God personally (Proverbs 3:5-6; Philippians 4:6-7). In travels to different countries with my husband, unfamiliar cultures and people are daunting, but I have always relied on communication with God through prayer for guidance, favor, and connections. Knowing the power of fervent prayer, constant presence in God’s fellowship, meditation, intercession, and seeking His face strengthen my faith and prayer life.”

Why does this ministry matter to you?

“The prayer ministry is crucial to me and the church as it holds immense importance in Christians’ lives. The saying ‘a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian, and a prayerless church is a powerless church’ underscores its significance. I’m thankful that PCC is a praying church, understanding that prayer strengthens our faith, serves as communication, and brings transformation. It’s vital for spiritual well-being, unity, divine guidance, and community intercession. My earnest prayer is for more Christians to discover the power of prayer, and I hope for a large group of PCC prayer warriors to meet weekly.”

How do you think it makes a difference for others?

“A prayer ministry serves as a supportive and caring community that goes beyond individual concerns. Dedicating time to pray for others, creates a network of people genuinely caring about the well-being of others, both inside and outside the community, making a positive impact in various aspects of their lives.”

– Anthonia Ahonsi