Pathway Saturdays: The Relaunch

Fully-Programmed Saturdays are back!

Starting Saturday, November 4, full programming will be offered in KidCity, Project 5, and IMPULSE.

Prior to 2020, Pathway offered a Saturday night worship service that included full programming for kids and students (infants through grade 8). Now several years post-COVID, we have a HUGE goal to bring back these environments for our Pathway families.

Why do fully-programmed Saturdays matter?

Fully On Mission

We have a wholehearted mission to lead people into full life found in Jesus Christ (John 10:10). In pursuit of that mission, we are building more opportunity for people in our fast-growing community to be part of a Christ-centered worship experience on the weekend. Not only can we better serve families, kids, and students on Saturdays, but we can open more seats on Sunday mornings (which is the most common time for guests to visit any church).

It’s never about more numbers. It’s always about making room for more people to encounter and know Jesus.

How can I be part of it?

On Mission Together

As part of the Pathway family, there are two vital ways you can engage with the Saturday relaunch and make an impact on people in our community.

1) Shift to Saturday

What if the simplest way you could live on mission is the weekly act of giving up your Sunday morning seat for someone else? Because it’s more than a chair or a space—it’s an opportunity for God to impact a life (or an entire family of lives).

We’re asking about 150 families, or 300+ individuals, to move from Sunday mornings to Saturday evenings. Would you consider making a shift in your worship time to make an impact on someone’s life?

To let us know you’re making the move, fill out the simple form below.

2) Serve

With fully-programmed Saturdays come the opportunities to serve one another. There are opportunities to serve in Production and Tech, First Impressions (coffee, greeters, ushers, guest services), but especially in KidCity. KidCity is seeking 100 adults and teens to be part of the team that brings the Bible to life every weekend for kids. There is no better time to explore these serving opportunities!

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Snuggle a baby or come alongside a child as they learn more about Jesus in KidCity. In doing so, you invest in a child and bless moms and dads with the opportunity to be impacted by the worship and message in our large gathering.

<b>First Impressions</b>

First Impressions

From greeters to ushers to our coffee team, First Impressions is all about making people feel welcome at Pathway. A warm hello, a smile with a cup of coffee, or help finding a seat are simple ways to make a big impact!

<b>Production & Tech</b>

Production & Tech

From lights and sound to cameras and production… if you enjoy working behind the scenes and are tech-savvy (or interested and willing to learn) this is the perfect opportunity for you.