Photography Team

A picture paints a thousand words, or so they say — in this case, not with brush strokes but with pixels. Strong, professional quality photography is central to our branding and communications strategy. We use photos to communicate our mission and message via our website, worship environments, social media, print materials, and more. These may be photos of what happens in our ministry environments, or they may be photos that capture special moments like baptism or family dedication. And there are opportunities to shoot exciting concert-style photography of our worship services.

If you have skills behind a lens, we’d love to provide you with opportunities to unleash your creative gifts in service to God and His Church.

Time Commitment: varies, depending on the project and photography needs

Training: we will provide a shot list, creative direction, and then turn you loose

Gifts & Talents: given the nature of this role, some level of photography experience is required, as well as your equipment that will enable shooting in a variety of settings

Ongoing Opportunities: we send our team members out to shoot PCC environments and events, special weekend ``photo booths``, baptisms, and more.

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