Jeremy Rohrs

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

 Jeremy Rohrs is the President & COO of Fort Wayne Metals, a locally owned technology-based provider of material solutions to the medical device industry. The company produces wire-based materials for a wide range of medical devices such as implantable pacing and neurostimulation leads, cardiovascular catheters and orthopedic implants. 

Jeremy graduated from Taylor University with a BA in Business Systems and returned to obtain his MBA. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Adrienne, and two children, doing pretty much anything outdoors. Additional interests include running, short triathlons, reading, and travel. 

Jeremy and Adrienne have been a part of Pathway since 2003. In regard to his current role as Pathway’s Lead Elder, Jeremy says, “It really is humbly trying to serve where God is already working. There are many days that I do not feel equipped to serve in that role, though I am seeking God’s wisdom and praying for discernment as we serve Him.”