Film Team

Video is a powerful vehicle for storytelling. From in-service creative elements, to stories of full life found in Jesus Christ, to highlights of what God is doing through the ministries of PCC, video is a critical tool in how we are advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Pathway Communications Team has a vision to see creatives unleashing their gifts in service to God and His Church. We’d love you to join us in creating short documentaries, recordings of worship performances, and production of creative elements used in services.

Are you good with a camera, handy with editing software, or love to be in front of the camera? Let’s talk!

Time Commitment: varies, depending on the project and video needs

Training: depending on your contribution to the video process, we may spend some time walking you through our workflow, deliverable specs, and/or script — beyond the projects, we meet up quarterly just for the purpose of building community

Gifts & Talents: given the nature of this role, some level of video experience is required, as well as your equipment that will enable shooting and/or editing

Ongoing Opportunities: we send our team members out to capture b roll of PCC environments and events, produce special stories pieces, and more.

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