Special Events

We aren’t just hosting an event. We’re creating an experience. Whether it’s a special worship service, summer festival, fall party, or some crazy-awesome kickoff for any of our ministry environments, this team knows how to make an impression. They are a unique group—gifted to share beauty, inspiration, and hospitality in a wide variety of settings for a wide variety of people.

If you have a passion for aesthetics, serving, or hospitality, we invite you to share your gifts as part of the Special Events Team!

Time Commitment: varies, depending on the event and your role

Training: little to no training is necessary, but is provided when needed

Gifts & Talents: varies—may include decorating and design, creating and crafting, hospitality, and acts of service.

Ongoing Opportunities: special events across all Pathway ministries (men, women, married couples, students, etc.)


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