Satisfied: Week 2

Satisfied: The Source of Your Contentment
January 12-13, 2019
Ron Williams

BIG IDEA: Your CONTENTMENT is determined by your pursuit of GOD over your pursuit of WHATEVER “IT” IS.

Icebreaker Question: How many of you are on Facebook or Pinterest? How many friends do have? Have you ever found yourself taking multiple pictures or staging a picture to post on social media? Have you had any epic Pinterest failures or successes?

  • Read Philippians 4:12-13 together. What does Paul say is his source of contentment in every situation? How do we start to live this way?
  • In his book Satisfied, Jeff Manion says “Contentment is not achieved through getting everything we want, but by training the heart to experience full joy and deep peace even when we don’t have what we want.” How have you experienced this in the past?
  • Share about a time when you asked someone for advice and after receiving it chose to do the opposite thing anyway. Have you ever done this with God? What have you learned from those situations?

Life at Home Question: This weekend we talked about the secret to contentment being found in feeding our soul what it needs. Two of the things that Ron mentioned that feed our souls are gratitude and generosity. What are some practical ways you can practice gratitude or generosity this month?

Start practicing gratitude as a group right now by going around the room and listing a couple things that you are thankful for.