RESET: Week 4

Reset: Praying in the Battle
April 28-29, 2018
Ron Williams

  • Icebreaker Question: What is your favorite part in the arrival of Spring? What do you look forward to the most? Why?
  • What challenged you, confused you, or changed you during the weekend’s message?
  • This weekend’s message dove into the spiritual battle that rages all around each of us. What are 2-3 spiritual battles that have happened in your life? What victory have you found in these battles?
  • Pastor Ron shared 4 statements about our spiritual enemy, which are he is created [Ezekiel 28:12-17], he is limited [1 Cor. 10:13], he is determined [John 10:10], and he is destined [Rev. 12:9]. Which of these statements about satan is new to you? What does Scripture teach us about the authority God has over satan [see Romans 16:20 & 1 John 3:8]?
  • Read James 1:13. Pastor Ron said, “God doesn’t tempt you, but he does take you through trials.” How do you tell the difference?
  • Read 1 John 4:4-6. The Lord wants to fight our spiritual battles with and for us. Do you believe this? Why or why not?
  • Life at Home Question: How is your daily GodTime going lately? How have you been reflecting reading in God’s Word?

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