RESET: Week 2

Reset: Praying in the Crisis
April 14-15, 2018
Ron Williams

  • Icebreaker Question: Describe a time of crisis that drove you to pray. What was happening and what were your prayers about?
  • What challenged you, confused you, or changed you during the weekend’s message?
  • Who is the wisest person who impacted your life? What made them wise?
  • How would you define a crisis? What are some typical reactions or behaviors associated with a time of crisis?
  • Read James 1:2-3. How do trials test your faith? How have you discovered perseverance? Give an example from your life when you experienced this process.
  • Read James 1:5. Ron stated that we should ask for wisdom in four areas [wise thoughts, wise words, wise counsel, & wise perspective]. Which of these have been the most difficult to find in the crises in your life? Which are the most natural for you to discover? Explain why.
  • Life at Home Question: Ron’s concluding points were about asking God for patience in the midst of waiting for wisdom and then resting in His Peace. What are you being patient about right now? How can our group pray for you?