June 8-15, 2024

2023 Men's Colorado Team

“Be sent” to Denver, and discover your sphere of influence from a new Kingdom perspective. You’ll be empowered, impassioned, and discipled in a challenging mission experience.

As part of this short-term mission in Denver, Colorado, you will see your own spheres of influence from a new Kingdom perspective. You’ll grow a deeper passion for God, revive your discipleship relationship with him, and be equipped to impact others. This alternative mission experience gives you the chance to creatively apply and experience your faith in a challenging and engaging way.

4 key foci of the mission trip:

  • Intimacy with God: May also include teachings on forgiveness, confession and where their identity is rooted.
  • Passion: Outdoor experiences that challenge the team to really rely on God, trust Him and face fears to be liberated from them.
  • Courage/Faith: Teaching and training on evangelism, while providing paradigm shifting exercises and experiences in urban and multi-cultural and multi-ethnic settings in the city of Denver.
  • Vision: Revisiting Christ’s vision for the world and how each team member could individually engage in it in their everyday lives. What is God awakening in you?

Are you ready to “Be Sent”?

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