Life Group Leaders

At PCC, Life Groups are designed to provide a consistent, ongoing opportunity to experience deeper connections with God and with others. A Life Group Leader facilitates these connections. These leaders are Jesus-followers who have hearts for people and can thoughtfully guide a conversation. We provide all the training and content you need. Want to help build community that deepens faith? Email Dan at

Time Commitment: 2 hours per week, September - May

Training: we provide an initial 45 minute training to get you started, and then we walk alongside you with coaching to help you grow and succeed

Gifts & Talents: Being a Jesus-follower who loves people is a must! Beyond these, there are many gift-and-talent combinations that work together to make great leaders. People who are introverted make wonderful leaders because they are often wonderful listeners. People who are naturally inquisitive will ask better questions of their groups. Hospitality and encouragement are gifts that are well-utilized in your life group.

Ongoing Opportunities: our desire is to have an open group for every person at PCC — and every group requires at least one leader

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Life Groups

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