Funeral Team

The Funeral Team provides grieving families with comfort and care through tangible acts of service. These team members serve as greeters, help with set-up or clean-up of funeral displays, and/or help with set-up and clean-up of food that may be served before, during, or after the visitation and funeral.

Time Commitment: varies based on need

Training: on-the-job training

Gifts & Talents: this role is really tailored for those who have a heart for the grieving, and are both dependable and flexible — those who are high in mercy are great in this role

Ongoing Opportunities: we want to engage as many as possible on this team — there's no limit

Seasonal Serve

This role requires a seasonal commitment, and should fit your gifts, abilities, passion, and/or experience.

Care & Support

We are here for you, whatever your season of life.