The Pathway Venue Community

Relaunching September 9

Launch Team Forming Soon

Eric Dunaway

Communications Pastor

Communications Pastor by day, Eric gets to serve as the Venue Pastor on Sundays.

(260) 469-4444

The Venue provides a scaled-down environment where we can connect with God and others through live worship and teaching that’s streamed in from the big stage downstairs. It’s not an overflow; it’s a community of congregants who are connected and committed to one another.

Launch Team forming soon.

Re-launching on
September 9

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Meet Olga, The Venue Worship Leader

Olga is an Armenian refugee who lived most of her childhood in Russia. Her whole family was reached by American missionaries who started a church in Russia. God placed a passion for music on her heart, and that calling has taken her all over the world. She studied vocal performance in the USA, served as a missionary in Denmark, and has helped start an urban outreach ministry. Over the past three years, Olga has served as a worship leader at Hillsong Copenhagen, and a team lead for the Vocal Directors team.

Olga’s passion is to raise up the next generation of worshipppers and see the Kingdom expand and be colored by the creative gifts of his church. Olga and her husband David, along with their two kids, are currently waiting for the last details to come together for their immigration papers, and can’t wait to join the venue community in the next few months.