Writing Team

Word nerds and grammar geeks assemble! We generate a lot of content through the week. From the website to the weekend, we have gifted writers who provide well-crafted words that engage the hearts and minds of our audience. And even those who aren’t writing provide proofing support.

The Pathway Communications Team has a vision to see creatives unleashing their gifts in service to God and His Church. We not only work hard as we serve together, but we also build community as we meet up regularly and grow together.

Time Commitment: varies, depending on the project and content needs

Training: we will provide the raw material, some creative direction, and then turn you loose — beyond the projects, we meet up quarterly for the sole purpose of building community

Gifts & Talents: this is strictly for those who have a gift with stringing words together, and who know all the grammar rules and when to break them

Ongoing Opportunities: web copy, weekend handouts, social media content, eNewsletters, ministry support... just to name a few

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Seasonal Serve

This role requires a seasonal commitment, and should fit your gifts, abilities, passion, and/or experience.