Welcome to My World: Joseph and Mary’s Uncertainty
December 30-31, 2017
Brian Beall

  • Icebreaker Question: As a teenager or a young adult, describe one of the most uncertain times you experienced? How does that time affect you today as an adult?
  • What challenged you, confused you, or changed you during the weekend’s message?
  • What are you most certain about concerning 2018? What are you most uncertain about?
  • Brian shared a quote from Francis Chan, “What are you doing right now that requires faith?” What are you expecting God to do in your life in 2018? What is your responsibility in this as well?
  • What is your primary prayer request to God for 2018?  Put another way, what is one way our small group can pray for you as we start a new year?
  • Life at Home Question: Read Luke 5:16 and Matthew 6:6. Interacting with God reveals a confidence in God and feeds an awareness of God.  Therefore, interacting with God daily is where it all begins. What is your 2018 plan to interact with God daily?