Welcome to My World: Joseph’s Fear
December 2-3, 2017
Ron Williams & Ron Klopfenstein

  • Icebreaker Question: What is something that you’re afraid of that others might think is irrational?
  • What challenged you, confused you, or changed you during the weekend’s message?
  • Read Matthew 1:18-25. What do you think Joseph was most afraid of? Why? Put yourself in the story, what would you be most afraid of?
  • John Ortberg once wrote, “God has an inexhaustible habit of calling us to things that are scary to us.” How has God [or how is God currently] called you to do something that scared you?
  • Read Hebrews 12:1-2. Describe a season of your life when you kept your eyes on Jesus. What difference do you see now because of this focus on Jesus?
  • Life at Home Question: Ron’s final point was: Refuse to feed your fears. Instead, feed your faith. In what ways do you feed your fears? [Wait for responses.] As a group, list all the ways you can feed your faith. [Wait for responses.] Which of these do you need to focus on this week?