Satisfied: Week 4

Satisfied: Love Is The Problem
January 26 & 27 2019
Ron Williams

Icebreaker Question: What’s one upgrade you always feel you need?

  • How would you live differently if you whole-heartedly believed that everything you have is on loan?
  • If a complete stranger were to observe your life and how you spend your resources; your time, money and energy, what details that they learned would compel them to follow Christ the most?
  • Read 1 Timothy 6:11-12 together. In terms of our identity and where we put our energy. What does this passage say should be our focus?
  • The word used for good in verse 11 in the original language doesn’t just mean good, it means attractively good. Paul is challenging Timothy to have a faith that is compelling, and contagious, that draws others in.What changes can you start to make that will result in this kind of faith in your life that compels others to follow Christ?

Life at Home Question:

In what ways do you sense God calling you to change things in your life in order to live with eternity in mind?

What are some steps that you take this year that will help you cultivate an awareness of the things that really matter?