Post Service Prayer Team

Our Post-service Prayer Team is an organized group of people who serve those who need immediate prayer following a weekend worship service. We seek to show them the care of Christ and the support of prayer. Your ability to be approachable is highly valued in this role.

Time Commitment: we ask our team members to commit for three months out of the year (you choose what months). You would then be required to be there every weekend at your designated service during those 3 months.

Training: we provide ongoing training that will develop you as a servant leader, and foster a stronger relational connection with the team — those training sessions are one hour, once a month

Gifts & Talents: this role is perfect for those who have a heart for people and are willing to come alongside those needing prayer.

Ongoing Opportunities: we need a minimum of four team members in each service — nine total each weekend

Significant Serve

This role could be your calling into servant-leadership within a Pathway ministry.

Care & Support

We are here for you, whatever your season of life.