Matt Souers

Matt Souers

Associate Production Manager

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Matt.

Matt currently serves as Pathway's Associate Production Manager. His passion is to serve with the worship and tech teams by helping them to sound the best they can. He also loves teaching people and watching them learn to do the things he loves. Matt is husband to Stephanie (who sings on our worship team) and dad to Stella, Judah, and Noah. When he finds time to himself, he enjoys music and watching and playing soccer.

Ministries Matt Leads

Podcasts you love?

How I Built This

Game show or reality show you’d want to be on? 

Supermarket Sweep. I can usually guess my grocery store total within a few dollars.

Something funny or quirky about you:

I despise burning my tongue and always ask my wife to check any hot beverages for me before I drink them.

What’s something funny you did when you were a kid?

I convinced my dad to let me build a zip line from a tree to my swingset. We bought some cheap rope and I invited all the neighbor kids to watch me jump out of a tree, snap a rope and hit the ground.