Martha Black

Martha Black

HR/Financial Ministry Assistant


Hi, I'm Martha.

Martha spends the first three days of every week assisting Pathway’s Accounting and Human Resources with record-keeping and data entry. After spending the majority of her career in the secular workplace, she enjoys being a part of PCC to help further God’s Kingdom in Fort Wayne. When not at the PCC office, you may see her enjoying a sunny day in her convertible with her husband, Phil, along with their two dogs, Rory and Buddy. An avid crafter, she loves to sew, paint, and create.

What game show or reality TV show would you want to be on?

Wheel of Fortune.

First album you ever purchased?

The Monkees (from Macy’s when they had a record department).

TV shows you’re watching?

Designated Survivor, Murdock Mysteries and When Calls the Heart.

When people look at me, they would never guess…

I went camping and hiking in the Rockies and on Appalachian Trail, and I also canoed/camped on most of the floatable rivers in Missouri as a teenager.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be:

A June Taylor dancer on the Jackie Gleason show or a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.