We lead others into full life in Christ.

Next Steps for Anyone, Anytime

Every relationship with Jesus Christ is a lifelong journey. No matter where we are, each of us has a next step in that journey.

Life at Pathway

If you're new to Pathway, new to Christianity,
or ready to pursue membership at PCC.



Baptism is an outward sign of an inward choice to follow Jesus,
and a special milestone in your faith journey.


Bible Basics

As we learn how to read and understand the Bible,
we get to know God and experience true transformation.


Explore these steps and more when you follow the Next Steps link.

Here are some ways you can Go at Pathway, and beyond

Our Go value is uniquely interwoven with our other three values—Connect, Grow, and Serve. To state it simply, we lead others into full life when we teach them how to follow Jesus. Though this requires intentionality, it can happen any place at any time—at home, at school, at work, in our neighborhoods, and everywhere else life takes us!

If you’re looking for a place at Pathway where you can lead others into full life in Jesus Christ, here are a few examples:

This list is not exhaustive, but we hope it gives you a jumping-off point. If you’re not sure where to start, the best place is always at home. Your spiritual influence in your home and on your family is primary.

life at Home

Faith begins at home.

We truly believe that full life in Christ is lived out and nurtured at home. We’ve provided a list of resources and events that are designed to help strengthen your life at home.