Crystal Ward

Crystal Ward

Event Coordinator

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Crystal.

Crystal serves as the special-event-planning chaos-coordinator for all the ministries of PCC (aka, our Event Coordinator). This role allows her love for both organization and creativity to flow free. She often jokes that her heart for serving others accidentally got her a desk and a paycheck at Pathway. When she's not dreaming up new ideas for PCC events, she enjoys writing about her daily adventures in parenting her two kids with her husband Dan, and fluently speaking her second language—movie quotes.

Ministry Crystal Leads

What’s a silly thing that creeps you out?

Birds. Because… ew. And the smell of fried calamari. Nope, nope, nope.

Some of your favorite apps?

Anything that my kids can’t build a world in… and then spend an hour showing to me 😉

Something funny/quirky about you:

I once ate 16 tacos in a taco-eating contest.

The best thing you cook/bake:

Toast, and not the French kind.

The last thing you purchased:

Pillow stuffing, a laundry basket, and some spray paint. (I like to think of myself as the MacGyver of costume-making.)

Any pet peeves?

People who don’t use turn signals, YouTubers who captivate my children by unwrapping plastic eggs for a living, and people who sound like they’re chewing on nuts and bolts when they eat. I’ve said too much…

Something funny you did as a kid?

I used to get out the video camera regularly and make my sister have fake talk shows with me.

Describe yourself by mashing up three fictional characters:

Leslie Knope, JD from Scrubs, Liz Lemon