Cassidy Perlich

Cassidy Perlich

Facility Care Team Assistant

Hi, I'm Cassidy.

Cassidy serves Pathway as a busy and trusted Facility Care Team Assistant (or, as she likes to quip, she serves as “Pastor of the Toilets”). When she’s not hard at work at Pathway, she is spending time with her favorite person—her son, Wyatt. In her spare moments, she enjoys a good book or a bike ride.

What is a silly thing that creeps you out?


Do you have a favorite app?

Facebook, because I like to watch food and life hacks videos

Game show you would love to be on?

The Price is Right, because I want to win a nice trip somewhere.

Highlight from the past year?

Having Wyatt and becoming a mom

 Tell us one of your childhood memories:

I once had a hamster that disappeared overnight, and we never found him again.