Byron Von Gunten

Byron VonGunten

College & Young Adult Pastor

(260) 469-4444

Hi, I'm Byron.

Byron Von Gunten is the one-and-only College and Young Adult Pastor at PCC who is known worldwide for keeping African Cichlids. Until recently, he had the distinction of having attended every CDYC since 1989. CDYC is where he discovered his love of volleyball and ministry, which eventually led to his participation in two Athletes in Action volleyball tours. Now past his prime volleyball-playing-years, he enjoys cichlid conventions where he can sell and buy rare fish. But his real love is for his family. In whatever ministry he serves, his wife Renee serves right beside him—at Pathway with young adults, or at home with their sons, Maverick and Silas.

Ministries Byron Leads

What are you reading lately?

Marching Off The Map by Tim Elmore and The Last Arrow by Erwin McManus

TV shows or movies you’re watching?

DC Legends, The Gifted, The Last Man on Earth, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Ninjago, PJ Masks, and Paw Patrol.

Podcasts you love?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

Your favorite apps?

Clash Of Clans

Something funny/quirky about you:

I keep fish. African Cichlids. I have a 180 gallon tank and 320 gallon tank. I go to a cichlid convention once a year in Cleveland called the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza. I will sell fish out of my hotel room.

Favorite coffeehouse beverage:

Anything other than coffee

Your favorite road trip snack:

Skittles or Starburst and Lemonade Rockstar

When people look at you, they would never guess…

How old I am. It was annoying in my 20’s but a blessing in my 40’s.

What were you like as a kid?

I was super skinny and caught turtles—30+ a summer—and sold them to pet stores in the fall.

First album you ever purchased?

DC Talk Nu Thang