Bridges of Unity
November 11-12, 2017
Iric Headley

  • Icebreaker: When have you acted as a bridge of unity between two opposing sides? What happened?
  • What challenged you, confused you, or changed you during the weekend’s message?
  • When it comes to the diversity issue that Pathway is exploring in this series, do you have a deep understanding of this issue or some level of ignorance? How so?
  • Iric shared that Fort Wayne United launched to respond to black men who do not feel valued in our community. How can you raise the value of those worshipping alongside you who are different from you?
  • Read Luke 6:43-45. If the source of our words and actions is our heart, how do you synchronize your heart to what honors and glorifies God?

Iric said that racism is not a skin issue, it’s a sin issue. What spiritual tools do we already have as followers of Jesus to confront the sin of racism? [Hosts: here are some examples – prayer, Scripture, discernment of Holy Spirit, God’s courage…]