20 Years

Of Leading people into a full

life found in Jesus Christ

John 10:10

Anniversary Highlights

Below are a few ministry highlights from the past 20 years that exemplify our mission and values—snapshots of what God has been doing over the lifetime of Pathway Community Church. He is so good, and we are grateful to have been part of it all. Here’s to many more years of leading people into full life in Jesus Christ!

Next Steps in the faith journey


Since 2002, 1300 people have followed Jesus’ example and publicly declared their faith through baptism at Pathway. It’s been our joy and privilege to stand beside them as they mark this milestone in their journeys with Christ. We’ve heard their redemption stories and we have seen their lives transformed by Jesus’ power. We will never tire of these front-row opportunities to witness God’s goodness and faithfulness, and we can’t wait to see what more he will do over the next 20 years!

Discipling Marriages, Parents, & Families

2295 Adults

Since its inception in 2016, Pathway’s Marriage & Parenting Ministry has discipled 2295 adults across all marital, premarital, and parenting environments. As part of Merge, Re | Engage, Family Dedication, and various parenting seminars, adults at Pathway have been strengthened to live out life-at-home practices with their spouses and children.


Serving Others Near and Far

Over the past two decades, approximately 1200 individuals have chosen to “be sent” on short-term missions, serving others near and far. Some of our national and international trips have included:

Colorado  •  New York City  •  Appalachian Mountains  •  Haiti  •  The Dominican  Republic  •  Puerto Rico  •  Mexico  •  Guatemala  •  Honduras  •  Mozambique  •  Ethiopia  •  Thailand  •  Nepal •  Serbia

Additionally, we’ve supported vocational missionaries in 10 countries, including:

•  Russia  • India  • Nepal  •  Thailand  • Haiti  • Mozambique  • Tanzania  •  Poland  •  Cypress  • France

Generosity beyond Pathway’s walls


God has a vision for the Church and mission for the world that is much bigger than Pathway, and we have the opportunity to be part of it! Over 20 years, Pathway has given $10,154,644 to help support like-minded local ministries, global mission projects, crisis response endeavors, vocational missionaries, and much more.

Church Online

1000+ Weekly Worshipers

Pathway’s online campus launched in 2013 because of one dedicated volunteer’s heart and vision. Over five years, he and our team worked hard to gain wisdom and continue to improve the online experience, which served our church brilliantly when the pandemic hit hard in 2020 and churches everywhere went virtual. Currently, PCC’s Live Show and weekend worship at PCCFW.tv now welcome over 1000 worshipers every week.


Helping Kids discover full life in Jesus Christ

When PCC’s first public service took place at what is now Carroll Freshman Campus, 20 volunteers were helping 90 kids discover God’s love for them. Today, KidCity welcomes over 700 kids from infants through grade 4, with over 120 volunteers every week who invest themselves into these young lives. In December of 2021, 42 kids accepted Christ for the first time in KidCity. Through weekly small group time, large group time, teaching, and worship, this youngest generation is learning who God is and who they are to him.

Student Ministries

Pouring into 400+ Students per Week

God began to impact the lives of students early on at Pathway. From gatherings in the homes of volunteers, to impactful ministry at a rented facility (some may remember “The PAC” Pathway Activity Center), to a growing and vibrant student ministry on our campus, God has touched the lives of thousands of young people through PCC. God has grown the ministry over the years to a place where our church sees over 400 students being poured into by a team of over 70 volunteer leaders on a weekly basis. Additionally God is transforming the lives of over 260 students through camps and retreats each year, and God annually sends over 80 students on short-term mission trips to places ranging from the inner city of Fort Wayne, to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and all the way to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

True Vine

Serving Vulnerable Children in the Name of Jesus

Pathway’s Orphan Care and Adoption Ministry began in 2009 out of a vision God placed in the hearts of our senior pastor and his wife, Ron and Laura Williams. Over its lifetime, True Vine has dispersed $165,000 toward adoptions. 45 children have joined their forever families through the assistance of True Vine grants. New Mercies Ministries (formerly Safe Families) continues its eight-year long work of providing gospel-centered hospitality and support to families in crisis. In 2020, True Vine launched Care Communities, mobilizing 30 volunteers to provide wrap-around support to six foster families.

Celebrate Recovery

12 Years of Support and Healing

Celebrate Recovery (CR) was one of Pathway’s first support groups, with its first gathering on our campus in 2009. Over the past twelve years, this environment has encouraged and supported thousands of people on their journey to heal their hurts, habits, and hangups. CR welcomes 70-80 participants every week—some from Pathway, some from our community—and all encounter the opportunity to find freedom, peace, and joy through Jesus Christ and his healing power.

Pathway History

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