Suzanne Howard

Suzanne Howard

MidTown Coordinator


Hi, I'm Suzanne.

Suzanne is KidCity’s MidTown Coordinator. She loves working with preschoolers and seeing them connect God to the lessons they are learning already—like obeying and loving others. Outside the KidCity classrooms, Suzanne loves to binge a good Netflix series and adores all things High School Musical. She spends every Wednesday, her off day, watching Trolls and Moana. (Literally… Every. Wednesday.) She is very social and, at times, "vividly expressive.” She loves to shop, especially for her husband, Kyle, who serves on staff in Student Ministries. In their free time, they like to take day trips to the Windy City and have game nights with friends. Suzanne’s parents also attend Pathway—her father, Donovan Coley, speaks from time to time.

Ministries Suzanne Leads